Government of Saskatchewan
Municipality Details
RM of EMERALD No. 277
Box 160 Assessment: 38,768,336
WISHART Population: 447
SK   S0A 4R0 RM Number: 277

Office Info
Box 160 Phone: (306) 576-2002
WISHART Fax: (306) 576-2132
SK   S0A 4R0 Email:
  Web Site:
Office Hours:   Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat     Council Meeting: 2nd Thursday
  AM N Y Y Y Y Y N     Time: 8:00 a.m.
  PM N Y Y Y Y Y N  

Reeve: KarakochukMorris
Councillor: FayeKevin
Councillor: WasylukAndy
Councillor: LuciukAnthony
Councillor: HelgasonTerrance
Councillor: StefansonLyndon Ricky
Councillor: KachurCynthia
Councillor: WolitskiArden
Administrator: PrisiakSharolyn
Organized Hamlet
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