Government of Saskatchewan
Municipality Details
Box 69 Assessment: 126,892,200
MACKLIN Population: 1,374
SK   S0L 2C0 RM Number: 382

Office Info
Box 69 Phone: (306) 753-2256
MACKLIN Fax: (306) 753-3234
SK   S0L 2C0 Email:
  Web Site:
Office Hours:   Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat     Council Meeting: 2nd and 4th Monday
  AM N Y Y Y Y Y N     Time: 7:00 pm
  PM N Y Y Y Y Y N  

Mayor: DoetzelPatrick
Councillor: DegenstienTom
Councillor: OstlundReni
Councillor: SchergerEric
Councillor: ScheckBill
Councillor: FischerKevin
Councillor: LoweStephen
Administrator: GartnerKim G.
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